About Us

I’m Brittany , the face behind Mischievous Moose. I love being creative, doing art and crafting. I’m a digital artist mainly but also like to explore different kinds of traditional art. Gouache is my favorite painting method and I need to find more time for sketch booking. I’m a self taught artist and learned to draw digitally first and have been practicing more sketching with pencil. I still have a lot to learn about art. Thankfully I have my whole life to delve deeper into all areas of art. I enjoy playing board games and magic with friends and we are hoping to play D&D soon. I was a dancer for 17 years. I have now transitioned to cycling and love it, thanks to my dad. I married my wonderful husband in 2017 and am a proud dog mom. I love going to Colorado and hiking. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder last year and am learning to live with it. I hope you can come along this journey with me!